Almost all dogs have dewclaws on the inside part of their front paws and sometimes some pets even have them on their back paws. A better word to describe dewclaws would be dog thumbs. In dogs, this digit normally appears higher on the animal’s leg compared to the other digits. While these dewclaws provide virtually no benefit, there is still some debate within the veterinarian community on whether the removal of dewclaws is necessary. Unfortunately, unlike the front dewclaws, if the hind dewclaws are present they usually have very little bone and muscle structure present making them poorly attached to the leg. Due to this poor attachment, there is always a chance for this loose appendage to become caught and accidentally ripped off. If this occurs it would cause excruciating pain and places your animal at risk for a potential infection.

If your puppy is under the age of five years, it is recommended to have their hind dewclaws examined by a veterinarian to assess whether removal is appropriate. Please do not hesitate to call us here at The Spay Clinic with any questions or to schedule an appointment with any concerns.