Soft Tissue SurgeryOn top of spaying and neutering, we are proud to offer surgical procedures for injuries and conditions of soft tissue areas as well. Our surgical team is highly trained and experienced in many different soft tissue procedures including exploratory laparotomies for foreign body removal, eye enucleation, mass removal, mastectomies (mammary chain removal), cystotomies for bladder stone removal and abdominal rent repair. We utilize state of the art imaging and surgical tools to help enhance our capabilities during soft tissue surgeries. We also use a laser scalpel rather than a standard metal scalpel, this piece of technology is more beneficial to your animal as it cauterizes the blood vessels and seals the nerve endings which makes for less pain and swelling, decreases blood loss and faster recovery time following surgery. This ensures your pet has access to the highest standard of veterinary medicine so you can be rest assured your pet is in good hands. We promise to keep in close communication with you throughout the entire surgery stay to help make your pet’s surgery as stress-free as possible for you and your family. Please do not hesitate to call us here at The Spay Clinic with any questions or to schedule an appointment with any concerns.